The 10 Best Ecommerce Apps to Boost Your Sales & Profit in 2023

Aws Alnabulsi
May 20, 2023
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Best Ecommerce Apps

Ecommerce apps have become an essential component of any successful business strategy. To thrive in this competitive landscape, businesses must leverage the power of ecommerce apps to boost their sales and profitability.

These apps help provide a seamless and user-friendly platform for customers to browse and purchase products or services online. Moreover, integrating the best ecommerce marketing apps into their operations allows businesses to tap into a vast online market, increase their reach, and maximize their revenue potential.

One of the key benefits of using ecommerce apps is the functionality to reach a global audience. With these apps, businesses can expand their customer base beyond geographical limitations, breaking down barriers and stirring up ecommerce trends.

Coretava stands out as the best overall 360 growth retail ecommerce platform, offering a comprehensive set of features for business expansion and success. But there are plenty of other apps that are also worth checking out.

The most noteworthy apps for ecommerce businesses include:

  • Coretava: Best Overall Ecommerce App for Growth
  • Klaviyo: Best Ecommerce App for Email Marketing
  • DSers: Best Ecommerce App for Dropshipping
  • SmartSEO: Best Ecommerce App for SEO & Marketing
  • Order Printer Pro: Best Ecommerce App for Order Fulfillment
  • Shopney: Best Ecommerce App for Mobile App Building
  • PushOwl: Best Ecommerce App for Web Push Notifications & Cart Recovery
  • Loox Product Reviews: Best Ecommerce App for Product Reviews, Upselling & Cross Selling
  • Tidio: Best Ecommerce App for Chat & Support Ticket Management
  • PageFly: Best Ecommerce App for Page Building

Ecommerce websites can leverage these tools to engage customers, build brand loyalty, and increase customer satisfaction, among other things. Ultimately, all this leads to repeat purchases and higher profitability.

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  • What Is an Ecommerce App?
  • How We Selected Our List of the Top Apps for Ecommerce: 5 Factors
  • 10 Best Ecommerce Apps to Grow Your Online Store
  • Giving Your Ecommerce Website a Boost in 2023

What Is an Ecommerce App?

What Is an Ecommerce App?

An ecommerce app is an online tool created especially to make it easier for businesses to sell goods and services on the internet. From customers’ point of view, apps make it more straightforward and more convenient to buy products and services online. Companies using B2B ecommerce apps let their customers explore catalogs, make purchases, and engage with their online store, to name a few of the benefits.

Ecommerce apps help improve the purchasing experience both on desktop and mobile devices designed for platforms like iOS and Android.

Ecommerce applications play a significant part in assisting ecommerce enterprises in growing. They give companies a specific platform to promote their goods or services, making it simple for clients to browse the selection and buy anything with a few clicks of a button.

This simplified and clear user interface can boost customer satisfaction and boost conversion rates dramatically.

Ecommerce mobile apps enable businesses to expand their reach and tap into the growing mobile market. With the increasing number of people using smartphones for online shopping, having a mobile ecommerce app becomes essential to cater to this audience.

Ecommerce apps allow businesses to be present on customers' devices, providing a direct channel to engage with them, send personalized notifications, and offer exclusive deals and promotions.

Developing an ecommerce app in-house can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor. It requires expertise in mobile app development, design, security, and ongoing maintenance. Instead, purchasing an ecommerce app from a reputable provider is often a more cost-effective solution.

These ready-made apps come with pre-built features, robust functionality, and ongoing support and updates.

This approach allows businesses to save time and resources, focusing on their core operations while leveraging the expertise of established app developers.

How We Selected Our List of the Top Apps for Ecommerce: 5 Factors

How We Selected the 10 Best Ecommerce Apps

Selecting the perfect ecommerce app for your store can be overwhelming with the wide range of options available. You have to assess your requirements and find your must-have apps for ecommerce that align with your needs and empower your online store to thrive.

In our ranking, we’ve focused on apps that can meet the needs of various online stores from different industries and in different markets. We’ve paid attention to the following factors:

  • Functionality

A good ecommerce app must have a range of features and functionalities to facilitate online shopping and transactions.

  • User Experience

The app should offer a seamless and intuitive user experience that is easy to navigate and provides a hassle-free shopping experience for customers.

  • Customization

The ability to customize the app to reflect the business's branding and unique identity is important to maintain a consistent customer experience.

  • Integration

The app should integrate seamlessly with other ecommerce platforms and third-party tools to enhance functionality and streamline operations.

  • Support

Ongoing support and updates from the app developer are essential to ensure the app remains up-to-date and functioning optimally, providing a positive user experience for both customers and the business.

10 Best Ecommerce Apps to Grow Your Online Store

10 Best Ecommerce Apps for Online Stores

Any small business can rapidly start selling online and join the gold rush with the correct tools, and a good ecommerce app makes it possible to list your products, accept payments, and handle delivery all from the convenience of your home office.

The top ecommerce apps for small businesses and large corporations in 2023 include:

Coretava: Best Overall Ecommerce App for Growth

Coretava is a comprehensive ecommerce app that offers a wide range of features to drive growth for your online store. It includes functionalities like ecommerce personalization, digital marketing, customer loyalty, omnichannel experience, and team engagement.

Coretava Key Features

Core Loyalty Ecommerce App

  • Core Personalization for intelling search, instant predicts and displays, and smart recommendations
  • Core Marketing for tailored pop ups, customized emails, personalized SMSs, and gamified experiences
  • Core Loyalty for points-based, cashback, tiered, and referral loyalty programs with sophisticated gamification features
  • Core Omnichannel for in-store and POS integration and delivering phygital experience
  • Core Teams for engaging employees through personalized training, challenges, rewards, and gamification
  • Advanced analytics and reporting to gain insights into sales performance and customer behavior
  • Integration capabilities with all the most popular ecommerce platforms including Shopify, VTEX, Nuvemshop, and Zid

Coretava Pricing

  • The free plan offers welcome gifts, cashback points, referral points, and dashboard access and supports up to 150 monthly orders.
  • The Basic plan costs $24.99/month and includes all the features of the Starter plan, along with additional features like a dynamic discount generator, redemption rules, custom referral rules, a VIP program, and pop ups and notifications and supports up to 250 monthly orders.
  • Priced at $49.99/month, the Growth plan builds upon the Basic plan with additional features including promotion emails, purchase missions, advanced widget control, play and earn functionality, and advanced analytics and supports up to 600 monthly orders.
  • The pricing plans are structured to cater to different business needs and scale with the number of monthly orders.
  • Each plan offers a range of features designed to enhance customer loyalty, generate referrals, and increase customer engagement.
  • The Starter plan is free, making it suitable for businesses with lower order volumes or those starting out, while the Basic and Growth plans offer more advanced features at affordable monthly prices.

Coretava Customer Reviews

  • 5/5 stars out of 36 reviews on Shopify

Coretava has garnered positive feedback from its users. They appreciate the app's ease of use, helpful customer service, and various features that contribute to increased sales and customer engagement.

Users mention the effectiveness of creating gift cards, the app's user-friendly interface, and the prompt assistance received for resolving any issues.

Klaviyo: Best Ecommerce App for Email Marketing

Klaviyo is one of the leading Shopify apps specifically designed for email marketing. It helps businesses effectively communicate with their customers through targeted and personalized email campaigns, driving engagement and increasing conversions.

Klaviyo Key Features

  • Advanced segmentation and targeting capabilities for personalized email marketing
  • Automated email flows, such as abandoned cart recovery and welcome series, to optimize customer interactions
  • A/B testing functionality to experiment with different email designs, content, and subject lines for better performance
  • Integration with various ecommerce platforms and tools to gather data and provide actionable insights
  • Robust analytics and reporting features to track email campaign performance and measure ROI

Klaviyo Pricing

  • Klaviyo offers a free plan that allows for up to 250 contacts and includes email campaigns and automated flows, forms, push notifications, segmentation, personalization, predictive analytics, and A/B testing.
  • The Email plan starts at $20/month and supports up to 500 contacts, providing all the features of the free plan with additional chat support and no long-term contracts.
  • The SMS plan starts at $15/month and includes up to 1,250 SMS/MMS credits, offering a library of multi-channel automated flows, two-way conversations, customizable reports and attribution, and SMS opt-in forms.
  • Klaviyo provides the option to upgrade the plans as your contact list grows, allowing for scalability and flexibility in pricing.
  • Although it’s a Shopify all, external charges from Klaviyo may be billed separately from the Shopify invoice.
  • Klaviyo offers a free trial period for users to explore its features and functionality before committing to a subscription.

Klaviyo Customer Reviews

  • 3.9/5 stars out of 1,865 reviews on Shopify

According to Klaviyo reviews by customers, the app offers a wide range of features and strong integrations with other apps, making it a powerful tool for email marketing. The support team is highly knowledgeable and responsive, providing detailed and specific solutions to issues. Customer profiles, lists, and segments are powerful features that enhance targeting and personalization.

However, the user interface (UI) could benefit from a facelift to improve aesthetics and make it more visually appealing. Making the template coding process more user-friendly would reduce the need for external assistance, simplify the process, eliminate manual coding, and use a more straightforward syntax.

DSers: Best Ecommerce App for Dropshipping

DSers is an official AliExpress ecommerce solution that enables customers to make payments and place mass ecommerce dropshipping orders in the easiest way possible. Other than AliExpress, DSers integrates smoothly with some of the top ecommerce platforms, including Shopify, WiX, and WooCommerce.

DSers Key Features

  • Easy import and management of all orders from different sales channels in one place
  • Automatic fulfillment of orders with multiple suppliers including AliExpress
  • Editing and updating multiple orders with just a few clicks
  • Real-time tracking information for all orders in one place
  • Keeping track of product prices and receiving alerts if they change
  • Creating and sending customizable invoices to customers

DSers Pricing

  • DSers offers a 14-day free trial for users to test out the app.
  • The Basic plan is free to install, but there may be an extra fee if the product limit is exceeded. Users can contact support to apply.
  • The Basic plan includes features such as bulk ordering, basic mapping, and the ability to manage 3 stores and 3,000 products.
  • The Advanced plan costs $19.90/month or $190.80 per year, with a 20% discount. It includes all features from the Basic plan and allows users to manage 10 stores and 20,000 products.
  • The Pro plan costs $49.90/month or $478.80 per year, with a 20% discount. It includes all features from the Advanced plan and allows users to manage 25 stores and 75,000 products as well as to manage multi-platforms within one account.

DSers Customer Reviews

  • 5/5 stars out of 15, 334 reviews on Shopify

Customers from various countries, including New Zealand, Ireland, Brazil, the US, Germany, Belgium, and Australia, have shared positive experiences with DSers customer service. They praise the quick response time, informative support, and helpful assistance they received.

Customers also appreciate the ease of communication and the effectiveness of the solutions provided.

Smart SEO: Best Ecommerce App for SEO and Marketing

Smart SEO is an ecommerce app designed to improve search engine optimization (SEO) and ecommerce marketing strategies for online stores, helping them increase visibility and drive more organic traffic to their ecommerce websites.

Smart SEO Key Features

  • Generation of relevant product Meta Tags instantly
  • Optimization of store images to boost SEO
  • Optimization of page speed and provision of better UX and higher ranking in SERPs
  • Provision of structured data so that Google understands the store better
  • Automatic detection and fixing of broken links in an online store

Smart SEO Pricing

  • The platform offers a 7-day free trial for new users.
  • Smart SEO offers a free plan with features such as Meta Tags Optimization, ALT Tags Optimization, Broken Links (100 pages), Image Optimization (50 images), and Sitemap. That makes it the best ecommerce app for small businesses looking for SEO functionality.
  • For $9.99/month, the Pro Plan includes advanced features like Broken Links (1,000 pages), Image Optimization (1,000 images), Bulk Edit SEO & ALT Tags, and JSON-LD. Additional pages and images can be added at an extra cost.
  • Priced at $19.99/month, the Business Plan offers expansion of the quotas for Broken Links (2,500 pages) and Image Optimization (3,000 images), along with features like Instant Page and removing Micro Data.
  • For $29.99/month, the Premium Plan includes even higher quotas for Broken Links (6,000 pages) and Image Optimization (5,000 images), as well as access to dedicated SEO & Development Support.

Smart SEO Customer Reviews

  • 4.9/5 stars out of 1,158 reviews on Shopify

Users have expressed positive feedback about the Smart SEO app, emphasizing its ease of use and excellent customer service. The support team is praised for being fast and helpful and providing valuable assistance.

Users have seen effective SEO optimization results, especially in multilingual settings. Some users appreciate the app's updates and new user interface, while others highlight the team's proactive approach in fixing issues and providing additional improvements.

Order Printer Pro: Best Ecommerce App for Order Fulfillment

Order Printer Pro is an ecommerce app that allows users to generate professionally looking invoices, packing slips, and other documents for order fulfillment directly from their store.

Order Printer Pro Key Features

  • Customizable templates for invoices, packing slips, labels, and more
  • Bulk printing of documents for multiple orders
  • Integration with multiple ecommerce platforms
  • Ability to add custom fields and variables to documents
  • Automated document generation and sending via email

Order Printer Pro Pricing

  • Order Printer Pro offers a 14-day free trial and a free plan for stores with less than 50 orders per month, which includes features such as bulk printing and exporting, automated PDF invoices, and customizable templates.
  • The Unlimited Plan costs $10/month and is for stores with more than 50 orders per month, with the same features as the free plan.

Order Printer Pro Customer Reviews

  • 4.9/5 stars out of 836 reviews on Shopify

Users have expressed their admiration for the Order Printer Pro app, highlighting its amazing features and top-notch customer service. They appreciate the fast and complete responses from the support team, praising their assistance in resolving issues and providing special advice.

The app's simplicity, ease of setup, and various templates have garnered positive feedback, with users highly recommending it for its flexibility and ability to create professional business documents.

Shopney: Best Ecommerce App for Mobile App Building

Shopney helps Shopify merchants to develop top-notch mobile apps for their ecommerce sites. Its easy drag-and-drop design editor lets you create a unique app in a matter of minutes.

Shopney Key Features

  • Easy and intuitive ecommerce mobile app builder
  • Customizable app design to match brand identity
  • Integration with major ecommerce platforms
  • Real-time synchronization with the online store
  • Push notifications and in-app messages
  • Mobile-specific features like product zoom, wishlist, and more
  • Multi-language and multi-currency support

Shopney Pricing

  • A 30-day free trial is available.
  • The Silver plan costs $99/month and includes flexible design, unlimited push notifications, back-in-stock notifications, theme options, in-app live chat, and Google and Facebook ad integrations.
  • Gold plan is priced at $199/month and includes design with 20 elements, scheduled push notifications, abandoned cart notifications, multi-language and multi-currency support, product reviews integration, and advanced search integration.
  • The Platinum plan costs $499/month and includes design with unlimited elements, multi-store setup, loyalty-reward programs, platinum integrations, product customization, and a dedicated success manager.
  • The pricing plans offer various features and customization options to cater to different business needs, but they may be more suitable for larger businesses or those with specific requirements.

Shopney Customer Reviews

  • 5/5 stars out of 723 reviews on Shopify

Customers are highly satisfied with Shopney's service, finding it quick and easy to apply and handle. They appreciate the simplicity of creating an app with Shopney and commend the exceptional customer service provided by the team.

The responsiveness, assistance, and dedication to customer success are highly praised, making Shopney a top ecommerce app for mobile app building.

PushOwl: Best Ecommerce App for Cart Recovery and Push Notifications

PushOwl's web push allows ecommerce businesses to sign up store visitors as subscribers with a single click and without requiring any personal information such as an email address or phone number. The app sends web push alerts about items and offers directly to subscribers' device screens to convert them into customers and increase sales.

PushOwl Key Features

  • Instant collection of subscribers with native opt-in
  • Crafting a web push campaign in minutes using Campaign Creator
  • Abandoned carts recovery by switching on an automated sequence
  • Understanding customer behavior and use cart details to personalize marketing efforts
  • Tracking the performance of web push marketing

PushOwl Pricing

  • The pricing for the service includes a 14-day free trial. The basic plan is free and includes features such as unlimited subscribers, campaign sending and scheduling, back-in-stock and price drop automation, basic reports, and chat support.
  • The business plan is available for $19/month or $180/year, offering additional features like 10,000 impressions, abandoned cart automation, shipping notifications, hero image support, subscriber details, and email reports.
  • There is also a higher-tier business plan for $38/month or $360/year, which includes all the basic features plus 20,000 impressions.

PushOwl Customer Reviews

  • 5/5 stars out of 2567 reviews on Shopify

Users praise the outstanding support and great features provided by the app. The app is described as easy to set up and use, with good alternative features for email marketing.

However, one user has suggested adding the option for automated notifications in different languages.

Loox Product Reviews: Best Ecommerce App for Product Reviews, Upselling, and Cross Selling

Loox is a social proof tool that leverages the power of reviews and referrals to help online stores establish and scale a trusted brand and grow brand loyalty. Ecommerce websites can gather customer product reviews that include pictures and videos in addition to showcasing customer reviews in elegant widgets to win over visitors. All this helps with upselling and cross selling.

Loox Product Reviews Key Features

  • Sending automatic review request emails including discounts for adding a photo/video
  • Displaying reviews in appealing widgets including grid, list, carousel, popup, and sidebar
  • Integration with Google Shopping, with Loox being an official Google Reviews Partner
  • Auto generation of referral links to reward customers for referring friends
  • Increasing order value by leveraging social proof in post purchase upsells

Loox Product Reviews Pricing

  • Loox Product Reviews offers three pricing plans: Beginner, Growth, and Unlimited.
  • The Beginner plan is priced at $9.99/month and includes 100 monthly review request emails, photo reviews with discounts, and various review widgets.
  • The Growth plan is priced at $34.99/month and offers 300-6000 monthly review request emails, video reviews, and additional customization options.
  • The Unlimited plan is priced at $299.99/month and provides unlimited monthly review request emails, Klaviyo Email/SMS review requests, and priority support.
  • All plans come with a 14-day free trial.

Loox Product Reviews Customer Reviews

  • 4.9/5 out of 11,839 reviews on Shopify

Users recommend this ecommerce app for its affordability, ease of use, helpful how-to guides, and effective email sequences for collecting reviews. The app seamlessly integrates with Shopify and offers customization options for showcasing reviews.

Some users mention that they have been using Loox for several years and find it great for managing reviews and boosting customer confidence. However, the pricing may be considered steep for smaller businesses.

Tidio: Best Ecommerce App for Chat and Support Ticket Management

Tidio is a customer experience platform that helps online retailers deliver top-notch customer service and convert inactive visitors into active customers. It offers ready-to-use sales and customer service chatbots that boost sales and promptly respond to your customers' most frequent queries.

Tidio Key Features

  • Engagement with visitors in real-time through live chat on the website
  • Creation of AI-powered chatbots to automate customer interactions and provide instant responses
  • Sending personalized email campaigns and automated messages to engage customers
  • Monitoring visitor behavior and gaining insights to optimize the website and marketing strategies
  • Connecting with other tools and platforms to streamline workflows

Tidio Pricing

  • The free plan offers basic live chat features with limitations on the number of users, chat operators, and chatbot interactions.
  • The Communicator plan starts at $19/month and provides unlimited conversations, additional features like live typing preview and visitor data, and the option to add more chat operators.
  • The Chatbots plan is also priced at $19/month and includes chatbot capabilities with various pricing tiers based on the number of visitors for bot interaction.
  • Tidio+ is a customizable plan with flexible pricing options depending on the specific configuration, offering unlimited live chat, custom number of operators, chatbot engagements, and extended support options.

Tidio Customer Reviews

  • 4.8/5 out of 1,626 reviews on Shopify

Customers describe the app as reliable and dependable, with excellent customer service. It offers valuable metrics to understand customer inquiries and has been a trusted tool for many years.

PageFly: Best Ecommerce App for Page Building

The PageFly's simple drag-and-drop editor helps improve the look of an ecommerce website. Businesses can easily alter appearances and functionality right down to the last nuance. They can bring their ideas to life by choosing between using a template or beginning from scratch and making use of the sizable element collection.

PageFly Key Features

  • Creation of Shopify landing pages with PageFly templates or custom splash pages
  • Creation of SEO-friendly pages without slowing down the store
  • Maximization of conversions with PageFly's drag-and-drop builder and lead capture
  • Upgrade of the Shopify theme with PageFly's flexible design options
  • Responsiveness for mobile and tablet devices
  • Individual customization for every screen size

PageFly Pricing

  • The pricing for the app starts with a free plan that requires no credit card and offers all features and add-ons for one page/section.
  • There is also a paid plan available, starting from $24/month.

PageFly Customer Reviews

  • 4.9/5 out of 7,602 reviews on Shopify

Users have found the app useful, intuitive, and feature-rich, with excellent live chat support. The app has made it easy to set up pages on Shopify websites and has provided quick and effective assistance when needed.

Giving Your Ecommerce Website a Boost in 2023

Ecommerce apps enhance a business's visibility and performance in front of new and existing customers. They make it easier for users to locate a website store and interact with it, which leads to increased engagement and improvements in sales.

The best ecommerce app for comprehensive retail growth is Coretava. The different tools available on the platform help online stores implement personalization, customize marketing, grow customer loyalty, deliver an omnichannel experience, and engage team members.

Give Coretava a try to take your ecommerce business to the next level.


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