The Complete Guide to the Zid Ecommerce Platform: Overview, Product Details, Pricing & Reviews

Aws Alnabulsi
May 2, 2023
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Zid Ecommerce Platform Review

Zid is a cutting-edge platform built to help Saudi Arabian businesses realize their full potential in the ecommerce space. The platform offers all the tools and functionalities an enterprise requires to easily handle orders, inventory, and payment processing while building a visually attractive online store.

Zid's user-friendly dashboard makes it simple to set up and maintain your online business, even if you're not a tech whiz. Online marketplaces can enjoy an experience free of clumsy interfaces and technical difficulties with Zid for ecommerce.

They can also draw in and keep customers with a suite of ecommerce marketing and sales tools like email marketing, social network integration, and SEO optimization.

But that's not all - Zid seamlessly integrates with Coretava products, so companies can take their ecommerce business to the next level.

With Coretava's innovative solutions for digital marketing, customer engagement, and loyalty programs, you can create personalized experiences that keep your customers coming back for more.

Table of Contents

  • What Is Zid?
  • How Does Zid Work?
  • How Much Does Zid Cost?
  • What Are the Pros and Cons of the Zid Ecommerce Platform?
  • What Do Customers Say About Zid?
  • What Are the Best Zid Alternatives?
  • Is Zid the Best Ecommerce Platform in 2023?

What Is Zid?

What Is Zid?

Zid is a Saudi holding company established in 2017 with the goal of simplifying the world of ecommerce and revolutionizing the retail sector. The ecommerce platform goes through the demands of the retail sector and is powered with current technology.

Their comprehensive digital solutions are based in Riyadh and are quickly spreading throughout the MENA area. Retailers can choose from a range of goods and services to assist them successfully, intelligently, and effortlessly modernize their online operations.

Zid has swiftly established a reputation as a promising participant in the ecommerce industry despite being a still young platform. It includes a variety of potent features such as customization for ecommerce websites, control of inventories and orders, payment processing, and marketing and sales tools.

Zid is still growing its market share, but customers have already given it favorable reviews and evaluations, praising its flexibility and simplicity. Zid has the potential to overtake other ecommerce players in the upcoming years because of its emphasis on offering a flawless shopping experience.

What Does Zid Do?

Zid is a cloud-based ecommerce platform that provides a range of powerful tools and features to help businesses build, manage, and grow their online stores. Its main functions and capabilities include:

1. Website customization

Zid allows businesses to create and customize their online store with ease, using a variety of templates and themes.

2. Inventory and order management

Zid helps businesses manage their inventory and orders with comprehensive ecommerce fulfillment features like stock tracking, order processing, and shipping management.

3. Payment processing

Zid enables businesses to accept payments from customers with secure payment gateways, including PayPal and Stripe.

4. Marketing and sales tools

Zid provides a range of ecommerce marketing and sales tools to help businesses drive traffic and increase sales, including SEO optimization, social media integration, and email marketing.

What Is Zid Used For?

What Types of Ecommerce Is Zid Used For?

Zid is a versatile ecommerce platform that can be used for a variety of business models.

Here are some of the different types of ecommerce businesses you can run on Zid:

1. Dropshipping

With Zid, you can set up a dropshipping business where you sell products that are shipped directly from a third-party supplier.

2. Retail

Zid is also ideal for traditional retail businesses, where you purchase and store inventory that you sell directly to customers.

3. Digital products

Zid can be used to sell digital products like ebooks, music, and software.

4. Subscription services

Zid supports subscription-based businesses including SaaS, where customers pay a recurring fee for access to products or services.

5. Service-based businesses

Zid can be used to sell professional services like consulting, coaching, and design services.

6. Non-profit organizations

Non-profit organizations can use the Zid ecommerce platform to accept donations and sell merchandise.

Who Is Zid Best For?

Zid is a flexible ecommerce platform that a variety of companies and business owners can use.

The most popular types of Zid customers include:

1. Small- and medium-sized companies

Small- and medium-sized enterprises that wish to establish an online presence and increase their sales could use the economical platform Zid for their ecommerce operations.

2. Startups

Zid is an intuitive platform that may assist entrepreneurs in setting up an online store and beginning product sales quickly and effectively. The features and pricing model make it a feasible option for startups and other small businesses.

3. Innovative business owners

Zid is perfect for creative business owners who want to present their wares in a visually appealing manner, regardless of whether they are selling apparel, cosmetics, fine art, or handcrafted goods.

4. Non-technical users

Without extensive coding or web design experience, non-technical individuals may easily set up and maintain an online store using Zid's user-friendly interface.

How Does Zid Work?

How Does Zid Work?

As a cloud-based ecommerce platform, Zid offers all the tools and features that businesses need to create, manage, and grow an online store.

It helps enterprises of different sizes and from various industries build a professional-looking online store, manage their inventory and orders, accept payments securely, and market their products effectively.

How to Start a Zid Store

Starting an ecommerce store on a platform like Zid can be an excellent way to grow your business and reach new customers.

Here are the steps you need to take in order to launch your Zid store:

1. Create a Zid account.

Visit the Zid website and register for an account starting with a name, password, and email address.

2. Select a pricing strategy.

Based on the features and tools you need for your online store, choose the pricing plan that best suits your needs.

3. Organize your store.

For your online store, select a theme or template and alter it to reflect your brand. Add items, establish shipping and payment methods, and customize your store's settings.

4. Open your shop.

Once your store is configured, preview it to make sure everything is as you meant it to be. Launch your Zid store after that to begin taking online orders.

5. Advertise your shop.

Use Zid's marketing and sales tools to publicize your business and increase website traffic. Take into account social media marketing, email marketing, and search engine optimization to enhance visibility and sales.

6. Organize your store.

Keep track of your inventory, orders, and customer data with Zid's inventory control and order processing capabilities. Use Zid's analytics and reporting features to monitor your sales and customer behavior and modify your marketing and sales methods as necessary.

How Coretava Integrates with Zid

For your online store to succeed, it’s important not only to choose the best ecommerce platform for your specific needs but also the right tools to enhance the customer experience. How you incorporate the hottest ecommerce trends like personalization, customization, AI, and gamification in your marketing strategies and customer experience will determine whether customers will choose your brand and your products over competitors.

Online businesses that choose Zid as their ecommerce platform should know that Coretava integrates seamlessly and effortlessly with it to provide a comprehensive suite of marketing and loyalty tools that Zid stores can use to boost their performance and growth.

Zid merchants can take advantage of Coretava's arsenal of products to bring the customer experience to the next level, to enhance loyalty and retention.

These tools include:

Coretava Integration with Zid

  • Core Marketing for a suite of growth marketing tools to make use of customized pop ups, send personalized emails and SMSs, and benefit from gamification
  • Core Personalization for delivering the most relevant products for each customers based on purchasing behavior to benefit from upselling and cross selling
  • Core Loyalty for launching an AI-powered customer loyalty program to retain customers, make them come back more often, and get them to refer their friends
  • Core Omnichannel for integrating the online and offline shopping experience for an enhanced customer journey and an omnichannel experience across all touchpoints
  • Core Teams for training and incentivizing your team in an innovative manner to boost employee engagement, productivity, and retention

With these tools, Zid stores can streamline their marketing efforts, increase customer engagement and retention, and ultimately drive more sales.

To learn more about how Coretava can help your ecommerce business take off, schedule a demo with our team of experts.

How Much Does Zid Cost?

Zid offers four pricing plans, each with different features and tools to meet the needs of businesses of varying sizes and budgets.

The Zid subscription plans include:

1. Freemium Plan

This is the basic Zid plan and is free for life. It includes all essential features like unlimited products, a mobile-optimized website, and customer accounts. This plan is best for small businesses that are just getting started with ecommerce.

2. Essential Plan

This plan costs SAR 2,300/year, equivalent to $613/year, and includes all Freemium plan features plus extra capabilities like the authority to manage store operations for two people, linking with Tabby and Tamara, customizing the CSS storefront, and building your own SDK theme template. This plan is best for growing businesses that need more advanced ecommerce tools.

3. Growth Plan

This plan costs SAR 4,600/year, equivalent to $1,227/year, and includes all Essential plan features in addition to the ability to manage store operations for 10 people, customize the CSS storefront, access to Zid Academy courses, and Zid rights removed completely. This plan is best for established businesses with a high volume of sales and more complex ecommerce needs.

4. Professional Plan

This is a custom plan for large businesses that require highly customized and tailored ecommerce solutions. The pricing starts at SAR 14,300/year, equivalent to $3,813/year, and includes all Growth plan features plus the option to manage store operations for 20 people, Zid rights removed completely, and building your own SDK theme template.

Zid offers a 14-day free trial for all plans, allowing businesses to test the platform before committing to a paid subscription.

The pricing for larger businesses is higher, reflecting the more advanced features and tools they require. Overall, our review shows that Zid pricing is competitive and offers a range of options to meet the needs of businesses of varying sizes and budgets.

What Are the Pros and Cons of the Zid Ecommerce Platform?

Zid Ecommerce Platform Pros and Cons

Zid is a popular ecommerce platform in Saudi Arabia, but like any other platform, it has its advantages and disadvantages.

Following are the most important benefits and drawbacks that enterprises should consider before making a decision:

Zid Pros

The main advantages of the Zid ecommerce platform include:

  • Wide range of features and tools that cater to ecommerce businesses of all sizes
  • Affordable pricing plans with no transaction fees
  • Strong customer support and resources, including a knowledge base and tutorials
  • Positive reviews from users who praise the platform's ease of use and customization options
  • Ability to integrate with a range of third-party apps and services
  • Free trial to test the functionalities before committing to a paid plan
  • Seamless integration with Coretava for boosting customer retention, repeat purchases, and total revenue.

Zid Cons

The main disadvantages of the Zid ecommerce platform include:

  • Limited integrations compared to other ecommerce platforms
  • Availability in Arabic only, which may be a barrier for non-Arabic speakers
  • Limited design customization options compared to other ecommerce platforms

Overall, the pros of Zid seem to outweigh the cons. The platform offers a comprehensive set of features and tools at an affordable price point, along with strong customer support and positive user reviews.

While there are some limitations to the platform, particularly with regards to integrations and design customization, these are outweighed by the platform's strengths in other areas.

What Do Customers Say About Zid?

Although there aren’t many Zid reviews on third-party online review websites yet, it offers features and solutions specifically designed for the Saudi Arabian market. It’s a rising ecommerce platform for small businesses and startups in the region.

What Are the Best Zid Alternatives?

Zid is a promising startup ecommerce platform, but it's not the only one. There are several options to consider if you're looking for a Zid alternative that offers more features, customization possibilities, or better pricing.

The main Zid competitors include:

  • Shopify: Best Zid Competitor for General Ecommerce

Shopify is a popular ecommerce platform known for its ease of use, flexibility, and extensive app store. It offers a range of features, including inventory management, order management, and payment processing, making it an ideal option for small- and medium-sized businesses looking to establish an online presence.

Businesses need to consider their target audience as much as their goods or services when comparing the advantages and disadvantages of Shopify vs Zid for general ecommerce. When comparing Zid vs Shopify, the former looks like the better option for small regional businesses.

  • Magento: Best Zid Competitor for Large Enterprises

Large companies needing complex ecommerce solutions might consider Magento, an open-source platform with a high level of customisation and scalability. Magento is renowned for its strong inventory management, sophisticated analytics, and SEO optimization abilities.

  • WooCommerce: Best Zid Alternative for WordPress

Enterprises can craft an online store out of their WordPress website with the free WooCommerce plugin. It offers a wide range of extensions and integrations and is a convenient and reasonably priced option for both individuals and small businesses.

  • VTEX: Best Competitor of Zid for Omnichannel Retailers

VTEX makes various tools available for omnichannel shops. Just like Zid, it also includes capabilities like inventory management, order management, and client management.

  • SAP: Best Alternative to Zid for Enterprise-level Businesses

SAP Commerce Cloud offers advanced technologies like AI-driven personalisation, predictive analytics, and machine learning. Large companies that need sophisticated ecommerce solutions and have the funds to spend on premium platforms can consider this platform.

  • Salesforce: Best Zid Competitor for B2B Businesses

Salesforce provides account-based pricing, catalogs, and buyer hierarchies as well as other B2B-specific functionalities. For companies that sell to other companies and need specialist ecommerce solutions, this ecommerce platform can be a great option.

  • Nuvemshop: Best Zid Alternative for Latin American Market

Nuvemshop includes integrated payment methods, SEO enhancements, and social media interfaces in its services. It's best for companies that do business in South America and need regional ecommerce solutions.

Is Zid the Best Ecommerce Platform in 2023?

Zid is a promising ecommerce platform with a range of features that make it a viable option, especially for businesses in the Saudi Arabian market. With its user-friendly interface, tailored solutions, and affordable pricing, it's an excellent ecommerce platform for small businesses and startups looking to launch their online stores.

For those using Zid, Coretava offers smooth integration with the platform to launch a loyalty program, boost marketing efforts, and introduce personalization. With Coretava's robust features and Zid's user-friendly interface, businesses can create a powerful and effective ecommerce experience for their customers.

Start your ecommerce journey today with Zid and Coretava, and watch your business thrive.

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