Core Marketing

  • Pop Ups

  • Emails

  • SMSs

  • Gamification

Marketing Features

Customized Pop Ups

Deploy fully personalized exit intent, checkout, and redemption pop ups to prompt customers to use their available points and complete the purchase

Launch smart, data-based email campaigns to remind customers of available rewards and get them to come back to your online store

Send regular, personalized SMSs to update customers on new offers and encourage them to visit your store to use available points

Make use of gamification elements like challenges and contests to boost customer engagement and get them to make more purchases

Marketing Benefits

Launch growth marketing campaigns that boost your KPIs

Add personalized checkout and redemption pop ups, send regular emails, and message customers at the right time, with a few clicks of a button. Improve the performance of your ecommerce marketing strategy with AI-driven data and analytics. Benefit from:

  • More frequent customer engagement
  • Improved customer retention
  • Increased repeat purchases
  • Enhanced customer lifetime value (LTV)
  • Lower ecommerce marketing costs
  • Higher ROI

Launch your loyalty program in no time

Grow your e-commerce business with customer engagement

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